All workshops have been suspended due to Covid-19

We provide bespoke in-house management training to medium and large organisations as well as open events aimed at professional individuals or small business. Below are our scheduled workshops for this year.

Business Meeting
Busy Conference


No dates available at the moment
£157 per delegate (includes parking, refreshments and lunch)
The National Star College, Cheltenham, GL53 9QU

Managing performance in the workplace can be challenging. We are human beings, not robots - we have ambitions, emotions, feelings, ego's and perceptions to name a few. Add into the mix company policies and procedures, employment rights and it could be a recipe for disaster. This workshop will help individuals to understand the performance management process to bring about positive change as well as dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues. The day includes:

  • Recognising triggers to poor performance, different behaviour types and their impact on internal and external stakeholders

  • How to effectively manage performance meetings, deal with behaviour types, have difficult conversations and give feedback to bring about positive change

  • Understand the team development process - managing and maximising performance through the stages

  • How to confidently navigate and manage the formal disciplinary and grievance processes including relevant sanctions and alternative resolutions options


No dates available at the moment
£157 per delegate (includes parking, refreshments and lunch)
The National Star College, Cheltenham, GL53 9QU

Dealing with the daily challenges of busy working lives requires resilience. In today's society we work at a fast pace, forging constantly ahead but often in a state of unconsciousness - worrying about what happened yesterday or what tomorrow might bring but rarely being aware of the here and now. This unique workshop provides practical guidance on developing the four pillars of resilience:

  • Understanding and being aware of the intrinsic link between thoughts and emotions

  • Strategies on how to avoid negative thinking traps

  • Awareness of support networks and how you can help yourself

  • Building confidence and taking control of changes you can make to lead a wholesome and resilient lifestyle

Linked to his is an introduction to mindfulness techniques. Giving you the opportunity to understand and observe thoughts and emotions, to calm the mind and silence the static of life. Overwhelming evidence shows that mindfulness helps to reduce stress levels, improve concentration, short and long term memory and nurture the overall sense of deep contentment. It is a powerful tool to supporting resilience and well-being in an ever frantic world.